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Welcome to the wonderful world of "Impressions in Metal" dedicated to our interpretation of a modernised version, of an ancient craft referred to as Repoussé (French), Repujado (Spanish), pewter-work (English), embossing (American).

"To create an ornamental 3-Dimensional design in malleable metal sheet, from a 2-Dimensional drawing, giving volume & texture by raising, engraving and or embossing with the use of hand held tools."
Mary Ann Lingenfelder

The art of pewter work is practised in all corners of the world. It has a large "Hispanic" connection. "Repujado" (Sp. to push out.) or "Repoussé" (Fr. Driven back, raised in relief) for all intent and purpose are the two most common words used when referring to this craft.

The traditional "Repoussé" technique historically practised by the pewter-smith or metal-smith was a far more physical craft usually practiced in a workshop environment by a highly skilled craftsman. Thicker sturdier metal was used. The marks or indentations into the metal were made with hammers and chisels. A pitch was used to support the metal whilst working. The metal was annealed from time to time during this process. The modernized version practised today by the "home" crafter uses softer thinner metal sheets, making it far easier to produce a similar finish. Here the need to fill the back spaces is necessary, because of the softness of the metal, as well as the use of a blank to give support. The tools used are more of the hobby crafter type. This modernized version is an exciting and fulfilling hobby requiring few tools and a small work space.

Our work includes various techniques, openwork (lacework), gilding/gold leafing, embossing, mixed media, paint and patina effects, high relief, low relief, etching, engraving or chasing and 3-Dimentional sculptured effects.

Besides the teaching studio, Yvonne works in partnership with clients to design bespoke pewter works. For example, corporate identity, hotel visitors' books, wedding albums, and framed 3-D works of art for private homes and corporate decor.